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Monday, 21 November 2016

Whatever Happened to sap simple logistic.pptx download - 2shared

sap simple logistics with sap hana.pptx download - 2shared

Saturday, 19 November 2016

SAP Logistic Execution Interview

                                                  Expected set of responsibilities

                                                  Welcome from Business Arts !!

            We have a pressing necessity for SAP Logistics-Execution(Good Flow)

Customer :

 Contract to procure


4+ Yrs

INR 3,00,000 - 7,00,000 P.A

 IT-Software/Software Services

Useful Area:
IT Software - Application-Programming, Maintenance

Part Category:


SAP, Logistics

                                 Wanted Profile

UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization, Graduation Not Required

PG - Any Postgraduate, Post Graduation Not Required

Doctorate - Any Doctorate - Any Specialization, Doctorate Not Required

Organization Profile

Business Arts India Pvt. Ltd. (BA) is an ISO, CMMI and PCMMI Certified Business Solutions; Consulting and Outsourcing Organization, devoted in giving Quality, Cost powerful and Time bound Business answers for associations around the world.

Becoming more acquainted with #S4HANA Enterprise Management


Becoming more acquainted with #S4HANA Enterprise Management

Presently, what is in #S4HANA Enterprise Management, and how can it identify with the product we as of now know, for example, ECC 6.0 or R/3? Also, in what capacity will everything fit together?

Envision that the #S4HANA Finance discharge from prior this year is the tip of an ice sheet—a little division of the whole body. At that point grow your creative energy to see that #S4HANA Enterprise Management envelops an entire pile of ice, the vast majority of which is covered up underneath the waterline.

Numerous in the SAP biological community suspected that since the main arrival of an item with #S4HANA naming was just a single module of the ERP framework (i.e, #S4HANAFinance), then the following discharge ought to most likely incorporate another module or two.

Nothing could be further from reality.

It's actual that #S4HANA Enterprise Management's elements and capacities are like the extent of ECC 6.0. This is not an entire re-compose of the 250 million or so lines of code that envelop ECC—that would surely set aside a great deal more opportunity to pull off. Be that as it may, a noteworthy part of the ECC body has been reconsidered and rethought to exploit the capacities of #S4HANA and take out limitations that the current social databases forced.

Further, existing ECC usefulness has customarily been considered in modules, for example, #FICO, SD, MM, WM, LE et cetera. Think about the new #S4HANA Enterprise Management as far as procedures: Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Produce, Request to Service, and additionally #HRHCM and Finance.

See the representation underneath to see the old and new.

on the off chance that Any queries.... remark listen., for more points of interest please contact


Whatever Happened to SAPSIMPLELOGISTICS?


Whatever Happened to SAPSIMPLELOGISTICS?

Ahead of schedule in 2015 and with much ballyhoo, #SAP administrators reported #S4HANA. #SAP had initially incorporated the Simple Finance item in its #S4HANA vision, and executives guaranteed that in the final quarter clients would see another #S4HANA discharge, alluded to then as #SimpleLogistics.

So whatever happened to #SimpleLogistics?

Likewise with any significant programming discharge, there is frequently a distinction between early item names and the last naming tradition. You may have seen that the most recent variant of #S4HANA, Release 1511, which appeared in November, conveys the general name #SAPS4HANA Enterprise Management.

To put it plainly, #S4HANA Enterprise Management is the new name for the item earlier known as #SimpleLogistics.

What's more: Simple is out, and #S4HANA is in. So thusly, what we knew as #SimpleFinance is currently known as #S4HANAFinance.

Got all that?

in the event that Any qurieesss.... remark listen., for more subtle elements please contact

Friday, 18 November 2016



SAPLogistics (PP) Interview What is an 'Item Hierarchy'?

Utilized as a part of evaluating, an 'Item Hierarchy' is an alphanumeric character -string comprising of a greatest of 18 characters. It in this way characterizes the item and its organization.


An item order spoke to by "00050002000300040005." The initial four characters "0005" could show that the item is an auto. The following four characters "0002" could show the plant in which the auto is made. The third arrangement of characters could show the shade of the auto. The following set may decide its motor limit et- cetera. Accordingly, the item order helps in characterizing the item sythesis.

Characterize 'BOM Group.'

A 'BOM -Group' is an accumulation of BOMs that gives you a chance to portray an item or various comparative items. The esteem in the BOM assemble field extraordinarily recognizes the BOM bunch. You can utilize the BOM gather as an option method for getting to the BOM. A BOM aggregate contains either every one of the choices of a different -BOM or every one of the variations of a variation BOM.

When you make a BOM- gather, the framework checks the unique characters you utilize. Aside from the standard alphanumeric characters, you can utilize the accompanying unique characters: '- ','/","_." You can't utilize spaces.

Characterize "SOP" (Sales & Operations Planning).

Reasonable for long/medium-term arranging, with an expect to streamline an organization's 'Deals and Operational- Planning, SOP' is a guaging apparatus empowering you to set up deals, generation, and other inventory network targets in light of existing, future, or chronicled information. SOP- is most appropriate for arranging completed products, and not for material segment arranging.

SOP arrangements are passed on to Demand- Management (DEM) as free prerequisites, which thus is sustained into MPS- (Master -Production- Scheduling) and MRP -(Material Requirements Planning). The aftereffects of SOP -can be passed on to gainfulness -examination, cost focus book-keeping, & action based costing.

SOP contains two application parts; in particular, Standard -SOP (PP-SOP) & Flexible Planning (LO-LIS-PLN). The Standard SOP- comes pre-designed with the framework. Adaptable arranging can be designed in an assortment of ways.

What is known as 'Request -Management'?

'Request -Management' (PP-MP-DEM) helps in deciding the prerequisite amounts & conveyance dates for completed merchandise gatherings. It utilizes the arranged autonomous prerequisites and client necessities (client necessities originate from deals -orders). Arranging systems help in choosing the sort of interest program. On the off chance that generation is activated by deals orders, then it is known as 'Make-to -Order' creation; if is not then it is known as 'Make-to-Stock' creation.

What is 'Scope- quantification'?

'Scope organization' goes for financial utilization of assets. It is incorporated with SD, PM, PS, and CS. There are two parts inside scope- organization: Capacity assessment & Capacity leveling. Scope organization underpins fleeting point by point arranging, medium-term arranging, & long haul harsh cut arranging.

Clarify "MRP" (Material Requirements Planning).

"MRP" means to ensure material accessibility; it is utilized to get/deliver the required amounts on time (both for interior purposes &for deals and appropriation). This includes checking of stocks and, specifically, the programmed formation of 'obtainment recommendations' for acquiring and generation. PP-MRP- helps and eases MRP -Controllers (who are in charge of the considerable number of exercises from indicating when, what, sort, and so on., of material prerequisites) in their general vicinity of duty. With the programmed arranging keep running in MRP, it is conceivable to decide any deficiencies in order to make acquisition components. With the framework producing messages for basic parts &surprising circumstances, you can revise the arranging brings about the particular zone with issues.

The material prerequisites can be arranged at plant level or for various MRP zones. With MRP at the plant level, the framework includes stocks from the greater part of the individual-stockpiling areas, except for individual client stocks, to decide add up to plant stock. On account of material necessities anticipating a MRP-territory level, just the stocks from the capacity areas or subcontractor allocated to the individual MRP-territories are considered.

What are the Three 'MRP-Procedures'?

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Ace Production-Scheduling (MPS)

Utilization based Planning

What is "MPS" (Master Production Scheduling)?

Executed as that of a MRP, "MPS" is only an extraordinary type of- MRP, which intends to lessen stockpiling costs and to build arranging soundness. With MPS you can hail materials that extraordinarily impact organization benefits or take up basic assets as ace timetable things & check and plan them independently with a progression of extraordinary apparatuses.

What is 'Utilization based Planning'?

Utilizing past utilization information, 'Utilization based Planning' goes for deciding future necessities. Simultaneously, it makes utilization of material estimates or some other "static" arranging methods. The 'net necessities' computation is activated when the stock level falls beneath a reorder point. The net necessities can likewise be ascertained by conjecture prerequisites from an authentic utilization design.

SAPSIMPLELOGISTICS SAPLogistics (PP) Interview Questions


#SAPLogistics (PP) Interview

Clarify how the PP Module is Organized in #SAP.

The PP module is comprised of the accompanying segments:

PP-BD Basic Data

PP-SOP Sales and Operations Planning

PP-MP Master Planning

PP-CRP Capacity (Requirements) Planning

PP-MRP Material Requirements Planning

PP-SFC Production Orders

PP-KAN Kanban

PP-REM Repetitive Manufacturing

PP-PI Production Planning for Process Industries

PP-PDS Plant Data Collection

PP-IS Information Systems

Clarify How "PP" is "Coordinated" with Other Modules.

"PP" is one of the modules in #SAP R/3 that is mind boggling as the capacities cut crosswise over numerous modules. The accompanying modules are firmly coordinated with PP:

CO Controlling

FI Financial Accounting

MM Materials Management

SD Sales and Distribution

PS Project Systems

PD Personnel Planning and Development

What is a 'BOM'?

A 'BOM (Bill of Material)' is only an organized rundown of segments (with the question number, amount, and unit of measure) that go into the making of an item or a get together. Contingent upon the business part, they may likewise be called formulas or arrangements of fixings. The structure of the item figures out if the bill of material is straightforward or extremely mind boggling.

What are the 'BOM Categories' Supported by #SAP?

The accompanying are the different Categories of BOM:

Gear BOM

Material BOM

Deals Order BOM

Record Structure

Practical Location BOM


What are all the 'Specialized Types of BOM'?

There are two 'Specialized Types of BOM' upheld in #SAP:

Variation BOM

Material BOM

Separate 'Variation BOM' from 'Various BOM.'

While a 'Variation BOM' amasses together a few BOMs that portray diverse items (for instance, unique models of an auto) with a high extent of indistinguishable parts, a Multiple BOM gatherings together a few BOMs that depict one question (for instance, an item) with various mixes of materials for various handling techniques.

The Variant BOMs are bolstered for the accompanying BOM classes:

Material BOMs

Report structures

Hardware BOMs

Useful area BOMs

Different BOMs are upheld for Material BOMs.

Is it Possible to Convert a 'Different BOM' into a 'Variation BOM'?

No. You can just make a 'Variation BOM' from a basic Material BOM. No various BOMs can exist for a material.

What is a 'Work Center' in PP?

A 'Work Center' in (PP-BD-BOM) is an authoritative unit that can be a mix of machines or gatherings of experts, individuals, and creation lines, wherein certain operations are done to deliver some yield. Each of the work focuses is doled out to a cost focus. A work focus can be doled out to a work focus in #SAP-HR, which will empower task of representatives, capabilities, and so forth.

What is a "Directing" in PP?

A "Directing" in (PP-BD-RTG) is utilized to characterize the arrangement of operations (work steps) and assets required to play out specific operations so as to deliver a material with or without reference to a request. The standard estimations of arranged time for the different operations should be gone into the steering.

There are two unique sorts of directing:


Rate steering

(A comparative idea exists in PS where you characterize an 'errand rundown,' which is like "steering" in PP.)

What are All the 'Sub-segments' of Production Orders?

The accompanying are the 'Sub-parts of Production Orders' (PP-SFC):

Arrange Planning

Arrange Execution

Arrange Close






What's The Big Fuss About SimpleLogistics?


What's The Big Fuss About #SimpleLogistics?

In the course of the last few quarters, the market has seen immense increments in the quantity of #S4HANA usage all around, whether they are for the #S4HANA general suite, or all the more particularly Simple Finance/S/4HANA Finance. In any case, what's happening with #S4HANA Enterprise Management, otherwise called #SimpleLogistics? Is it accurate to say that we are seeing any development there?

Similarly that #SAPS4HANA Finance is the following stride for #SAPFICO frameworks, #S4HANA Enterprise Management is the following stage for the ECC6.0 conventional #logistics modules, for instance #SD, #MM, #PP and so on. As opposed to being module-centered, Enterprise Management is process-engaged, looking rather at Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Produce and Request to Service. The framework keeps running on a #HANA database, taking into consideration much quicker experiences, as every one of the information is originating from a solitary wellspring of truth. Likewise with the entire #S4HANA suite, it keeps running over all gadgets utilizing #SAPFiori, so the client experience is drastically enhanced and versatility is expanded.

So also to #S4HANA Finance (which initially began being a trendy expression around Q2 2015), it will take a touch of time before everybody concludes that they have to move their current frameworks to #SAPS4HANA Enterprise Management. Choices should be evaluated, clients should be persuaded that it is the best choice for them and it is justified regardless of the cost of the venture. Similarly as with Simple Finance, we are hoping to see that in the months after the item is discharged, there will be a critical increment in the quantity of continuous ventures and clients doing these usage. With #S4HANA Enterprise Management as of now being 3 or 4 months old, it won't be long until we begin seeing tasks appearing left, right and focus.

So that is from the client perspective; shouldn't something be said about on the off chance that you, a specialized or practical expert, are considering reskilling? Is it the ideal time? Distinctive variables should be considered, yet the short answer is: it's never too soon. Those Simple Finance experts who were the first to take the accreditation are currently the advisors with a few Simple Finance extends added to their repertoire, while others are just barely beginning. Why hold up?

K2 have helped almost 300 advisors comprehensively to reskill from different on commence innovations to more current, cloud based arrangements. With the K2 #SAP Learning Hub, you could begin learning #S4HANA Enterprise Management very quickly, and be the first to take the affirmation once it is discharged. Cloud based innovations are ordinarily overhauled significantly more consistently than on preface alternatives, so with a 12 month membership to the K2 #SAP Learning Hub, you will have entry to the most up to date material and substance as it is discharged, which means you are avant-garde even as #S4HANA Enterprise Management changes and creates over the coming months.

On the off chance that we take a gander at the #SAP income numbers for 2016 and the quantity of clients acquiring the new arrangements (#Hybris, #S4HANA, #SuccessFactors among others), it is clear to see that #SAP have been exceptionally effective with their cloud arrangements as of recently. What is additionally clear to see is that there is a critical absence of confirmed assets in the market right now, which means these tasks and executions can't occur as fast or inexhaustibly as they generally may be.

Anyway, in case you're considering reskilling, is presently the ideal time? It's never too soon.







The #SAPS4HANA is a stage that will empower organizations to work in a proactive and shared path both with the clients and providers, while inside, clients are furnished with the continuous- information they require to concentrate on the critical thinking & taking remedial activities. 

The #SAPSimpleLogistics is the impetus to separating the hindrances between the offices&lines of business. 

It additionally rearrange the information model will expand throughput, while the new UI will give coordinated effort and recreation- capacities, guaranteeing clients have the right knowledge to settle on the right choices. 

The #SAPSimpleLogistics will enable clients to settle on business choices by proactively examining the continuous information, flagging alarms and giving potential arrangements. Enlist with #SAPSimpleLogistics Training and figure out how the Production- Planner managing an item deficiency they are at present required to dissect reports, acquire information that lives in the ERP . Be that as it may, with Simple Logistics, the time escalated process will never again be required and the client will be authorized to concentrate on their genuine part.


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Skillbricks provides Online Training on vertical range of technologies utilizing State-of-art Infrastructure that resembles the professional environment. The students trained by our organization will have an extra benefit of facilities that resemble the real time environment.
There are many aspiring individuals who are keen to get trained on various business tools for stepping on the real time platform to secure a successful IT career with top most companies. There are also technical experts who are working in the IT industry and trying to enhance their skills to build a multiskilled profile for being picked up for the senior roles in the top most companies. The main huddle most of them are facing is “proper training with skilful experts”.
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#SapSimpleLogistics Training Overview

#SapSimpleLogistics Training Overview:

                              It is essentially matter of time when what's precisely in #SapSimpleLogistics would be clear when it gets formally discharged however in the interim we can trust- every one of these desires are satisfied either in transient or not so distant future.

At exactly that point can S/4 HANA understand the end round of genuine single incorporated Business Process Platform having large number of capacities crosswise over business elements of Supply Chain Planning and Logistics, Order Management & Fulfillment, Procurement, and Finance.

Sap Simple Logistics is otherwise called SAP S4 HANA venture administration which incorporates every one of the modules the fund as well as the modules like SAP MM, SAP SD and now they are accessible as a piece of SAP- S4 -HANA as an item and undertaking administration is the entire business road, select for SAP Simple Logistics Training for more insights about the course

Basic Logistics will enable clients to settle on business choices by proactively investigating continuous information, flagging alarms and giving potential arrangements.

On the off chance that we consider the Production Planner managing an item lack they are right now required to examine reports, get information that lives in ERP, sit tight for material overhauls by means of bunch employment preparing, anticipate overnight interface from outsider stockroom, etc. Be that as it may, with Simple Logistics, this time-serious process will never again be required and the client will be arranged for to concentrate on their real part.

The Logistics in ERP- was intended with the end goal of recording value-based information, and concentrated on making value-based preparing more productive. This permitted clients to recognize issues inside their procedure and make remedial move, however a high level of learning and mastery was required to dissect the issues and assess potential arrangements. Frequently, a problematic arrangement is settled for, as clients don't have enough time or constant information to settle on the right choices.

Basic Logistics in S/4- HANA changes coordinations from an "Arrangement of Record" way to deal with a "Choice Support System" by using information in an a great deal more proactive and wise way. This is made conceivable by the development that the HANA stage brings. Also, the coordinated extent of Simple Logistics, which sits close by the center -ERP capacities, is supplemented by the abilities from SCM, CRM, PLM, SRM and additionally bolster for advancements and ideas of significant worth chain association (Industry 4.0).

for more details:

Who ought to be seek after the #SAPSimpleLogisticstraining? :


#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining has endless changes in the territories of Material administration, generation arranging inventory network administration and deals and conveyance. #SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining at Global Online Trainings settles the request to money, obtain to pay and plan to item. #SAPSimpleLogistics utilizes the information preparing capacity of S/4HANA to give less complex, quicker and more productive ways to deal with coordinations and inventory network issues.

#SAPSimpleLogisticsOnlineTraining is rendered by best topic specialists and the instructional exercises arranged by these master industry united mentors are made with most recent industry upgrades. Classes are accessible for individual and also for corporate groups on request. Call the help work area for more points of interest for internet #SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining and its subtle elements.

Who ought to be seek after the #SAPSimpleLogisticstraining? :

SAP Solution Architects

SAP Business Analytics

SAP Functional Consultants

SAP TechnoFunctional

SAP Technical Consultants

SAP BW/BI Consultants




Sap Hana-Data Modeling And Data Provisioning

Sap S/4 Hana-Road Map, Architecture-#SAPSimpleLogistics


Prologue To Master Data:

Diagram On Business Partner Approach

About Simplified Product Master Table

Material Number Field_ Length Extension

Improvement Of The Parameter Effectivity

Ideas Of Foreign Trade Fields In The Material Master

Mrp Fields In The Material Master

Ideas Of Material Type Serv-#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Item Catalog Functionality For The Integration With The Internet Application Components

Ideas In Product Catalog

Question Identifier Type_ Code

About Mdm Integration

The Srm Product Master

Ideas In Logistics Batch Management

Business Partner Idoc Types (Debmas and Cremas)

Orders Functionality Of The Customer Master


The Concepts Of Sd Simplified Data Models

Information Model Changes In The Sd Pricing

Remote Trade Within The Sap S/Hana

The Credit Management

Erp Sd Revenue Recognition

Improvement Of The Sd Rebate Processing For Tpm Customers

Rearrangements In The Sd Analytics

Ideas Of Advanced Order Processing and Billing For Contractors To The Public Sector

The Operational Data Provisioning-#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Business Role Internal Sales Representative

Webshops By The Internet Sales Or The Web Channel Experience Management

Product Of Management Sales

About Sales Activities

Charging Document Output Management

Sd Rebate Processing Replaced By The Settlement Management

Incidental Minor Functionalities In The Sd Area

Ideas Of Industry-Specific Sd Complaint Handling

The Sd – Fi/Ca Integration With Distributed Systems


Client Interaction Center (Cic)


Co-Deployment Of The Sap Srm

Co-Deployment Of Sap Supplier Lifecycle Management (The Sap Slc)

Seller Evaluation Based On The Lis

Ensuing Settlement – Vendor Rebate Arrangements

Outline On Erp Shopping Cart

Web Application Components (Iac)

Aboutmdm Catalog-SAP Simple Logistics Training

Estimating Of Data Model Simplification

The Output Management Adoption In Purchase Order

Mm-Pur Webdynpro Applications

Ideas In Classic Mm-Pur Gui Transactions Replacement

Devoted Sap Supplier Lifecycle Management (Sap Slc) Business Processes

The Supplier Distribution Via Mdg-S

Power Concept For The Supplier Invoice

Ideas Of Foreign Trade Within Sap S/Hana Procurement

Product Management Procurement

Programmed Document Adjustment

Subject 6: LOGISTICS_AB:

About Agency Business

Subject 7: LOGISTICS _ATP:

The New Advanced Atp In The Sap S/Hana – Table Vbbs

I Con (E Open)- #SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Ideas Of New Fashion Solution


Mechanical Hygiene and Ec Interfaces

The Occupational Health

Squander Management-#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Rearrangements In The Incident Management And Risk Assessment

Subject 9: LOGISTICS_ GT:

The Global Trade Management

Coordinations Material Management Inventory Management (Mm-Im)

Information Model In The Inventory Management (Mm-Im)

Accessibility Of The Transactions In Mm-Im-SAP Simple Logistics Training

Material Ledger Obligatory For Material Valuation

Material Valuation Of – Statistical Moving Average Price

Subject 10: LOGISTICS _ PLM:

Undertaking Search

Ideas Of Assemblies-#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Item Designer Workbench




Formula Of Management

Designing Client Viewer

Subject 12: LOGISTICS_PP

Pp-Mrp – Subcontracting

The Storage Location Mrp

Outside Interfaces In Pp

The Graphical Planning Table-#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Calculated Information System In Thepp

Deals and Operation Planning

The Simplified Sourcing


Web Kanban

Erp Line-Balancing and Sequencing

Mrp In The Hana

The Planning File Concepts

Add up to Dependent Requirements

The Forecast Based Planning Concepts

Request Forecasting

Discharge Status For The Different Rfc Function Modules Revoked

PC Aided Processing Planning (Cap)

Abap-List-Based Pi-Sheets

Ansi/Isa S Interface

Ideas In Digital Signature

Electronic Records-SAP Simple Logistics Training

Downtimes The Functionality

The Miniapps Pp-Pi Concepts

Handle Data Evaluation (Pp-Pi-Pma)

Battle Weighing and Dispensing

Generation Campaign (Erp)

Electronic Batch Record

The Process Messages

Control Recipes And Instructions

Handle Operator Cockpits

Material Identification/Reconciliation

Stream _Manufacturing

Handle Flow Scheduling Of (Pp-Pi)

Rate and Rough-Cut Planning

Arranging The Horizon

Group History

Point 14: LOGISTICS –_PS:

Disentanglement Of The Maintenance Transactions

Route To The Project Builder Instead Of Special Maintenance Functions

Generation Resources and Tools Functions For Projects

Extend Planning Board, Gantt-Chart, Hierarchy and Network Graphics

Current Simulation Functions In The Project System

Particular Ps Archiving Transactions

Extend Texts _Ps Texts-#SAPSimpleLogistics Training

Point 15: LOGISTICS _ PSS:

Qm Interface

Iuclid_ Interface Concepts-#SAPSimpleLogistics Training

Ideas Of Enterprise Search Model

The Hazardous Substance Management


Lis In The Eam

Download Data In Ms Access Out Of List

Planning Of The Maintenance Plan

Portable Asset Management (Mam)

Group Input For The Enterprise Asset Management (Eam)

Change Order And Operations-SAP Simple Logistics Training

The Webdynpro Application For Maintenance Planner (Ehp )

Venture Search


Transportation (Le_Tra)


Ideas Of Warehouse Management (Wm)


Yield Management

Examination #SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Venture _Search-#SAPSimpleLogisticsTraining

Web Pricing And Configurator_Sap Ipc

The Job Scheduling Cocnepts

Legacy System Migration Workbench (Lsmw)


Prologue To Sap Fiori

Prologue To The Sap Ui5

Establishment The Configuration

Actualizing Fiori Apps-#SAPSimpleLogistics Training

Making Odata Services Using The Sap Netweaver Gateway

The Hana Cloud Platform

Prologue To The Sap Web Ide

Making &Extending Apps

Work process and Sap Fiori


Walkins for Learning Delivery Operations Porus Software Consultants Private Limited

walkinterviewss Logistics:

Learning Delivery Operations
Porus Software Consultants Private Limited
About Organization :
Porus is one of the quickest developing IT Administrations and Arrangements organization had some expertise in execution of SAP Arrangements, and web application to customers all over North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Work Synopsis
3 - 6 years
Catchphrases/Aptitudes :
co ordinations, Preparing declaration, staff sourcing
Conveyance Supervisor
Set of working responsibilities Rundown 3-6 Years of Exp in Learning Conveyance Operations Expected set of responsibilities JD: Asset will be in charge of taking after Preparing declaration members assignment personnel sourcing preparing room coordinations mylearning session creatio
Work Ref code:

Skill Bricks provides Online Training on vertical range of technologies utilizing State-of-art Infrastructure that resembles the professional environment